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The sharcx.suite is your predictive customer experience platform!

Show customer care beyond commitment by predicting and fulfilling everything your customer may wish for – even before they know it themselves.
The sharcx.suite is digital platform that affects and optimizes B2B customer satisfaction with the help of machine learning, systematically and fully automated.

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Why happy customers are good business

B2B customers already demand better experiences

In recent surveys, lack of speed in interactions with suppliers emerged as the number-one “pain point”. Yet the reality at most B2B companies is far from this vision. Many companies often need days to provide a quote, require customers to fill in complicated order forms (often on paper), and frequently leave customers in the dark about the status of their order.

Make their demand for better experiences come true!
Start being the the business partner who solves the problems and help your customer to be happy with all touchpoints within your relationship.

Make the difference!


Customization is more widespread in B2B than B2C. B2B suppliers adapt not only their products but also their processes to accommodate customers.

Call for sharcx. With our platform, you will know where to start with your adjustments based on data you already have.

Transaction Volume

The stakes are usually higher in B2B deals. Individual customer relationships are easily worth millions of euros for big B2B companies.

Use this advantage and get the most out of it with predictive customer experience.

The six journeys that drive customer experience

Identification of products that meet a need

B2B customers often find it challenging to identify the right product or service. Improving this journey is especially relevant for companies with a fragmented customer base and nonessential but value-adding products.

Selection of a supplier and initial purchase

In this journey, buyers struggle to compare suppliers in a timely manner across multiple criteria. Some simplify the choice and choose a supplier only on price (to be disappointed later on by the service level) or take months to go through a very detailed tendering process.

Co-Development and Co-Innovation

This is a critical journey in innovation-heavy industries, but many sales managers and R&D leaders complain how difficult it is to keep projects efficient and on track, as they tend to operate in a governance vacuum.

Dealing with unexpected events

Coping with purchase-related problems, such as equipment breakdowns and missed deliveries, is a make-or-break journey.

Using the product and getting service

Receiving (planned) maintenance also is a make-or-break journey, again especially for customers of machinery and capital goods.

Reorder familiar products and services

Efficient and error-free reordering is a major concern for customers sourcing raw materials or components.

The sharcx.suite systematically improves customer satisfaction!

The sharcx.suite is a unique combination of digital services to systematically improve customer satisfaction. Our platform enables you to automatically orientate your existing data to provide best in class customer experience by creating value for your customers.


The sharcx.collector is an engine that is automatically analyzing your customer touchpoints and turning them into structured data to be accessed by everybody involved.

In different scenarios webtracking data, production data, order relevant information and supply chain data is being used to identify your customer experience systematically and completely automated.

The builds on top of the data to create transparency in your whole organization to understand what makes your customers unhappy and why.

The is your customizable dashboard to monitor the customer satisfaction, the personalized expectations and the respective fulfillment on an individual basis.


Many customer experience challenges can be solved with software. Therefor the sharcx.toolbox provides ready to use apps to improve your customer experience.

The services solve challenges like information demands, delivery issues, quality problems or other frictions in the whole customer journey before the customer is recognizing them.

How It Works


Understand your customer journeys

Generic B2B customer expectations
Industry and application specific customer experience
Delivery Reliability, Product Quality, Service Demands, etc.

Identify and analyze the existing master and transactional data.

Data analysis of historic transactions
Pattern definition and validation

Analyze future transactions regarding identified patterns.

Execute pattern analysis on future transactions
Predict customer experience
Act automatically

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We are passionate customer experience experts and data scientists who have made it their goal to create value for your business by serving your most important asset,
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How sharcx helped our customers

How we helped our clientele with the sharcx.suite

The sharcx service is a clear improvement for our CSOs and creates a consistent service for our customers.

Yvonne | Sales Manager

sharcx brings great value to BASF. It improves the service to our customers tremendously.

Sandra | Customer Service Manager

We are able to take actions earlier, when we have this information consistently and in advance.

Bjoern | Senior Purchaser

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